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Vin to yin: celebrating Chelsea's time at Innerlight

This class is taught by:

Chelsea Wildman

Chelsea has always had an appreciation and passion for dance and music; she is the picture of playful life. Yoga was a natural fit for her, and decidedly after only taking a few classes, she was determined to teach yoga, wanting to share the wellness benefits she personally experienced.

In 2010 Chelsea began teacher training and finished the nine month program completely transformed. Living yoga, Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) and embodying the flow is truly a lifestyle to which she quickly grew accustomed. Supported by teachers, family and friends; Chelsea began teaching in 2011 after becoming certified in Prana Flow® Yoga.

Two years later, Chelsea began an intense independent yoga study in New York City. Here she took a variety of classes from acclaimed teachers with diverse styles and techniques and earned another certification in Prema Vinyasa Therapeutic Yoga.

Early in 2015 she was introduced to dōTERRA® essential oils. With the same fervor she had when she met yoga, she embraced the business; quickly becoming a Wellness Advocate. That summer, she resolved to fully dedicate her time and energy to integrate the health and wellness benefits of dōTERRA® into her yoga practice and teaching. Chelsea felt her dharma, or duty of ethical value, was finally coming to light.

Chelsea believes her style of teaching invokes the playfulness mandatory to maintain one’s sanity in life. Her Prana Flow® teaching style transcends fluidity and grace while aligning with the basic principles in yoga, Ayurveda and dōTERRA®.
Life. Live it. Love it…

Innerlight Vin to Yin combines the fluid practice of Vinyasa Flow with the deep stretching benefits of Yin Yoga. This is suitable for all levels as the instructor cues to the potential of the class. You will glide through the first half of class matching movement with breath as we transition through the postures. The second half will concentrate on relaxing deep into the connective tissues of the body increasing circulation and improving flexibility while holding the poses for longer periods of time. Combined, Vin to Yin will give you the balance you need to feel energetic yet relaxed, centered and restored.
We give thanks to Chelsea for her time with the Innerlight community and offer our blessings as she starts her new adventures in Florida.  Please join us for a gathering following vin to yin from 8-9 p.m. to express your appreciation for Chelsea. Feel free to bring a snack or gift from the heart as we celebrate our time with Chelsea.