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Jennifer Ater

Owner and Director of Innerlight Yoga & Wellness and Project Innerlight Foundation.
A certified yoga teacher for 12 years, Jen is an E-RYT500, experienced Registered Yoga teacher with the National Yoga Alliance, as well as a Health & Wellness Advocate, Consultant, Coach, Researcher, and Educator.
In addition to her journey as a mother, artist, healer, and visionary, she has been studying Holistic Health and Yoga for 16 years. Jen recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Yoga Studies, focusing on the therapeutic benefits of yoga and service through Antioch University and her yoga journey has taken her through an exploration of many styles including Interdisciplinary Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot-Vinyasa, Anusara, and ParaYoga.

Most recently, Jen has been trained in irest, or Integrative Restoration, a systematic relaxation technique and a version of Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep, developed by Richard Miller PhD. She was also recently inspired by her graduate work with and mentored by Karina Mirsky M.A. and E-RYT 500, a certified ParaYoga teacher, trained by Rod Stryker. During her graduate studies, Jen was called to work with Sacred Activism through leadership trainings with Seane Corn’s Off the Mat, Into the World organization called Yoga, Purpose and Action and she co-developed and co-directed the YS Youth Yoga project (an 18 month free Yoga immersion for the Yellow Springs Schools), as well as volunteered with local at-risk and incarcerated youth.

Jen has been fortunate to study with the following internationally recognized teachers: Don & Amba Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute and authors of Self-Awakening Yoga, Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten, Seane Corn, Nikki Myers of Yoga & 12 Step Recovery, Sianna Sherman, Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffman of Freedom Style Yoga and author of Moving into Stillness, Richard Miller of irest Yoga Nidra, and MC Yogi.
Jen also recently completed her 500 hr. Yoga Certification with Becky Morrissey, E-RYT 500 and Mental Health Counselor of Sangha Yoga in Loveland, Ohio. In addition to varied and extensive studies in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga she has studied the following fields:

Thai-Yoga Massage, including 7 weeks of study in Thailand in 2009
Energy Healing
Traditional Chinese Energy Theory & Bodywork
Holistic Nutrition
Polarity Bodywork
Craniosacral Bodywork

She has the following degrees and certifications:

B.A. Studio Art, Wright State University, Dayton, OH - 8/1999
Reiki Master Level 3 - 7/2003
Natural Therapeutic Specialist & Certified Massage Therapist, New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, Albuquerque, New Mexico - 4/2004
Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher,Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara, Costa Rica - 2/2005
Craniosacral Level 1, Upledger Institute - 2006
Various Thai Yoga Massage Certifications - 2005 - 2009
M.A. in Yoga Studies, Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH - 8/2013
irest Yoga Nidra level 1 - 8/2014
Ascension Aerial Yoga - 5/2014


Jennifer Ater instructs the following:
  • Candlelight Restorative + Aromatherapy - All levels
  • When the body is at rest, it is able to heal itself. Prepare to be lulled into the state of bliss as stress and tension melt away in a candlelit sanctuary. Engage the senses as each pose is enhanced with Essential Oils from doTerra. Chelsea will use gentle hands on adjustments to guide each student into a state of deep relaxation. Leave feeling vibrant and energized, yet relaxed and revujenated. 

  • Warm Slow Flow - mixed levels
  • This heated (85-90 degrees) flow based, detoxifying yoga creates a meditation in motion for all levels. However, for those that are new to yoga, we recommend Beginners Slow Flow classes which teach the fundamentals of this therapeutic practice. Please bring a towel, your own yoga mat (if possible), and water (be sure to hydrate before class). We offer complimentary water and mat rental for $1.

  • Aerial Yoga - Mixed Levels
  • Aerial Yoga - Mixed Levels is a class that combines vinyasa flow yoga and aerial swings to create a practice that is full of movement and freedom. With the support of the aerial swings, traditional yoga becomes elevated to allow greater stability and ease when moving through your practice.
    *Please take at least one intro to Aerial Class or have prior aerial experience before registering for this class. 

  • Heated Detox Flow - All levels (not recommended for beginners)
  • Yoga in a heated room (90 degrees) enables our bodies to increase flexibility and wring out physical and emotional toxins that inhibit us from optimal wellbeing. Hot Yoga reminds us that physical challenge can lead the way to spiritual contentment by honoring and balancing effort with surrender.
    It is best not to eat a large meal 2 hours or more before a Hot Detox Yoga practice and please HYDRATE RESPONSIBLY before, during, and after class.
    Towels are required, bring water, and your own mat if you have one. Mats are also available for rental and purchase. Towels are available to purchase.
    ***Instructor Jen Ater will offer trauma sensitive language and resilience techniques for those in Recovery 

  • VIN to YIN - Trauma Sensitive
  • Warm Vin to Yin combines the fluid practice of Vinyasa Flow in a heated room (80-85 degrees) with the deep stretching benefits of Yin Yoga. Based on Ancient Energetic Theory, this class is suitable for all levels as the instructor cues to the potential of the class. You will be invited to glide through the first half of class, linking movement with breath as we transition through the postures. The second half will concentrate on relaxing deep into the connective tissues of the body, increasing circulation and improving flexibility while holding the poses for longer periods of time. Combined, Vin to Yin will give you the balance you need to feel energetic, yet relaxed, centered and restored.
    ***Instructor Jen Ater, MA, EYT-500 will offer trauma sensitive language and resilience techniques for those in Recovery

  • Candlelight winter solstice restorative yoga
  • Winter solstice is the day that marks the shortest period of sunlight and longest night of the year. It invites us to turn inward to rest, restore and heal the body.

    As a gift to the community and in partnership with Lululemon at the Greene, we are offering a free candlelight restorative yoga practice as a means to invite the community to slow down and rejuvenate for the holiday season.

    We will be featuring discounts, light refreshments and snacks as well as an open house in celebration of the holiday season.

  • Yoga Sculpt - mixed levels
  • A creative power yoga flow with light weights and sequences for all levels that will detox, sculpt, lengthen, and challenge your core and every major muscle group. Yoga with weights will enhance your yoga practice by strengthening your upper body, core, and balance. 

  • Intro to Aerial Yoga
  • Intro to Aerial Yoga - Mixed Levels is a class that combines vinyasa flow yoga and aerial swings to create a practice that is full of movement and freedom. With the support of the aerial swings, traditional yoga becomes elevated to allow greater stability and ease when moving through your practice.

  • Beginner's Slow Flow
  • A slow paced, drop in class for those new to yoga or new to flow based yoga that will focus on teaching the fundamentals of alignment and foundations of vinyasa flow yoga. It is recommended that beginners take a few weeks consecutively but it is not required.
    While this class is for beginners, it does invite participants to build upper body strength incrementally and is not recommended for those that cannot comfortably bear some body weight on their wrists or those with acute shoulder injuries, instead we offer a Gentle and Restorative classes throughout our weekly schedule.

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training

    Our integrative 200 hour program offers a comprehensive experience, integrating ancient wisdom with modern science to empower individuals to make positive change in their communities. The program follows Yoga Alliance’s standards and guidelines for a 200 hour Registered Yoga School, while providing each participant an opportunity to focus on an outreach or service project in their community or to be mentored by one of our lead instructors working in the studio or outreach programs. Our YTT program offers a focus on the therapeutic applications of yoga on multidimensional levels: body, mind, and self; in addition to offering yoga teacher trainees access to aerial yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, and yoga nidra.

    Innerlight's integrative YTT program builds on the foundation the 8 limbed yogic system offers, while providing a unique experience that incorporates ancient traditions from Ayurveda, non-dual Tantric Yogic Philosophy, systematic relaxation techniques, and modern techniques like aerial yoga, and stand up paddle board yoga.

    Innerlight's program is unique because it is directed by Jen Ater, MA in Therapeutic Yoga Studies, Experienced Registered Yoga teacher at the 500 level with the National Yoga Alliance. Jen has taught and practiced yoga for over 10,000 hours before and during her 11 years as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Healer, and Wellness and Arts Educator and Coach. In addition to outreach and service opportunities, Innerlight's program also connects the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, Systematic Relaxation, and Traditional Yogic and Reiki Energetic Theory with modern techniques like yoga therapeutics, stand up paddle board yoga, and aerial yoga. In addition to studying a foundational Yogic curriculum, each YTT will graduate with a Reiki Energy Healing Level 1 attunement.


    *includes tuition, books, material, unlimited aerial and mat drop in classes, 20% off sup yoga classes, workshops, and access to sup boards and aerial swings for practice teaching from Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 tuition also includes access to the studio for practice classes and mentorship by a lead/ Master Level Instructor and community outreach facilitator

    4 payment options:

    $2299 extra early bird rate if paid in full by 7-10-2017

    $2801 early bird rate if paid in full by 8-1-17

    $3080 by 9-1-17

    $3300 after 9-1-17 or if paid in 9 payments of $366.70

    YTT Open house:

    Wednesday June 28th 7:30-8:30pm

    2017/2018 Schedule:

    Our 9 month weekend program starts Fall 2017 and ends Spring 2018. The YTT will meet two weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) a month for 8 hours and two evenings during the month for 2 hours to total 20 hours a month for 9 months. Exact weekend and evening schedule to be announced.

    YTT dates:

    September 23, 24
    October 21, 22
    November 18,19
    December 16,17
    January 27,28
    February 17,18
    March 17,18
    April 14,15
    May 12, 13

    Saturday Schedule: 12 - 8pm, - some Saturdays may meet 10am - 6pm

    Sunday Schedule: 10am - 6pm, some Sundays may meet noon-8pm

    Regular rates for YTT allow for a max of 8 make up hours without additional fees

    For more info or to request an application:

    contact jen@innerlightwellness.net or 937-532-9315

    Refund Policy: No refunds are offered unless due to severe health reasons on a case by case basis decided by the Director


  • Yoga Philosophy, Alignment Flow, and Meditation
  • This Discussion and alignment flow-based class will offer mixed levels sequencing that encourages healthy postural alignment focus, purification, strength, and flexibility of the multidimensional self: body, mind, and soul. This class encourages transformation by inviting yogis and yoginis to work their individual edge and grow and transform within each pose, sequenced through this guided meditation in motion.
    Each class may also include a community discussion on yoga philosophy before or after the flow, depending on the class theme of the day. 
    Sequencing will be Mixed Levels. Advanced breath-work, energy theory, mantra, possibly kirtan, and meditation will be integrated as the instructor is intuitively guided. 

  • Gentle/Beginner's Flow - all Levels
  • A gentle and slow paced approach to practice for seniors or those new to yoga who want to learn basic alignment in a gentle way. A relaxing approach to practice for all levels. 

  • Yin & Yang Flow - Mixed Levels
  • This class will offer a balance of an active yang style practice for mixed levels, followed by a yin flow that encourages deep release of tension through long holds that calm and soothe the nervous system.
    ***Instructor Jen Ater, MA, ERYT-500 will offer trauma sensitive language and resilience techniques for those in Recovery