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Teacher Training


Our integrative 200 hour program offers a comprehensive experience, integrating ancient wisdom with modern science to empower individuals to make positive change in their communities. The program follows Yoga Alliance’s standards and guidelines for a 200 hour Registered Yoga School, while providing each participant an opportunity to focus on an outreach or service project in their community or to be mentored by one of our lead instructors working in the studio or outreach programs. Our YTT program offers a focus on the therapeutic applications of yoga on multidimensional levels: body, mind, and self; in addition to offering yoga teacher trainees access to aerial yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, and yoga nidra.

Innerlight's integrative YTT program builds on the foundation the 8 limbed yogic system offers, while providing a unique experience that incorporates ancient traditions from Ayurveda, non-dual Tantric Yogic Philosophy, systematic relaxation techniques, and modern techniques like aerial yoga, and stand up paddle board yoga.

Innerlight's program is unique because it is directed by Jen Ater, MA in Therapeutic Yoga Studies, Experienced Registered Yoga teacher at the 500 level with the National Yoga Alliance. Jen has taught and practiced yoga for over 10,000 hours before and during her 11 years as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Healer, and Wellness and Arts Educator and Coach. In addition to outreach and service opportunities, Innerlight's program also connects the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, Systematic Relaxation, and Traditional Yogic and Reiki Energetic Theory with modern techniques like yoga therapeutics, stand up paddle board yoga, and aerial yoga. In addition to studying a foundational Yogic curriculum, each YTT will graduate with a Reiki Energy Healing Level 1 attunement.


*includes tuition, books, material, unlimited aerial and mat drop in classes, 20% off sup yoga classes, workshops, and access to sup boards and aerial swings for practice teaching from Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 tuition also includes access to the studio for practice classes and mentorship by a lead/ Master Level Instructor and community outreach facilitator

4 payment options:

$2500 early bird rate 

$3330 paid in 10 payments of $333

$3000 - flex / early bird rate - paid in full (option to make up 30 hours of training with lead instructor as needed)

$3800 - flex / payment plan - paid in 10 monthly payments of $380

YTT Open house:


2017/2018 Schedule:

Our 9 month weekend program starts Fall 2017 and ends Spring 2018. The YTT will meet two weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) a month for 8 hours and two evenings during the month for 2 hours to total 20 hours a month for 9 months. Exact weekend and evening schedule to be announced.

YTT dates:


Tentative Schedule:

Saturday Schedule: 12 - 8pm, - some Saturdays may meet 10am - 6pm

Sunday Schedule: 10am - 6pm, some Sundays may meet noon-8pm

evening classes will be decided among trainees when the training begins - most likes 2 Tuesday evenings per month from 6-8pm or 7-9pm, depending on trainees' evening schedules

Regular rates for YTT allow for a max of 5 make up hours without additional fees ($2500 early bird rate and $3330 monthly plan)

For those with busy schedules that anticipate needing make up hours (up to 30 with a lead instructor - made up by December 2017) should consider the flex rates ($3000 early bird and $3800 monthly plan)

For more info or to request an application:

contact jen@innerlightwellness.net or 937-532-9315

teacher training