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Thai Massage



Thai Massage is a healing and deeply relaxing form of bodywork from Thailand that combines gentle assisted stretching derived from yoga with acupressure massage and energy balancing influenced by Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. A Thai Therapist massages the body along energy lines and acupressure points while gently and fluidly moving the client through various yoga postures. While Thai Massage benefits all bodies, it is especially popular among athletes, golfers, runners, and cyclists because it increases flexibility and eliminates lactic acid build-up. Like yoga, Thai Massage heals the body on the physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic levels and its many benefits include:

• Relief from chronic or acute pain
• Increased flexibility and range of motion
• Elimination of lactic acid build up
• Relaxation
• Detoxification
• Increased energy
• An uplifted spirit
• A balanced energetic system

$75 for 1 hour or $260 for 4x 1 hour sessions (save $40)
$100 for 90 minutes or $355 for 4x 90 minute sessions (save $45)

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